Chè, the Delicious Vietnamese Dessert

vietnamese dessert

Chè is a delicious Vietnamese dessert that comes in a wide variety of styles.

Although Vietnamese cuisine is thought of as one of the healthiest in the world, they aren’t without their own delectable sweet treats. The most well-known of which, Chè, involves a wide variety of sweet beverages/puddings that often incorporate fruit, glutinous rice, beans, vegetables, tapioca powder and coconut milk. If you’re looking for something exotic and tasty, try one of these classic Vietnamese desserts.

Chè Chuối

This delicious dessert is made from a flavorful banana called chuối xiêm, and is cooked in coconut milk with sago pearls. It features a creamy texture similar to a pudding and combines the taste of sweet banana with roasted peanuts for a soft, yet irresistible flavor profile.

Chè Bắp

Made from sweet corn and glutinous rice, this classic Vietnamese pudding is frequently topped with thick, syrupy coconut milk and toasted sesame seeds. Eaten warm or cold, the natural sweetness of the corn combined with the creamy coconut milk makes for an absolutely lovely treat, especially during the hotter months.

Chè Ba Màu

Literally translating to “three color dessert”, this tasty treat includes colored beans, jelly, and as you would expect, some slightly sweetened coconut milk. Typically kidney beans, mung bean paste, and green jelly are used to create the three colors: red, yellow, and green.

Chè Sương Sa Hạt Lựu

Similar to Chè Ba Màu, this “rainbow” dessert features agar jelly and “mock” pomegranate seeds made of water chestnut. The pomegranate seeds really make this beverage fun, as they provide a crunchy and chewy texture. The agar jelly also brings out a freshening sensation, a perfect combination with the smooth, creamy coconut milk.

Chè Trôi Nước

Returning to the pudding variety, this warm-served dessert comes with a glutinous rice dumpling filled with mung bean paste and cooked in a sweet ginger syrup. The dessert translates to “floating on water” because, when boiled, the balls rise from the bottom of the pot to the pudding’s surface. This dessert is often eaten on traditional holidays and the first birthday of a child. The chewy and gummy rice texture is similar to that of Japanese mochi or Chinese tangyuan, while the syrup adds a rich flavor and fragrance.

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