About Us

Since 1976, Lotte Plaza Market has strived to be the premier source for Asian groceries in Maryland and Virginia. Our desire to continuously improve customer relations and contribute to the community we serve has helped us grow from a single store in 1989 to 12 locations throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Florida. With stores in Baltimore, Ellicott City, Silver Spring, Germantown, RockvilleLa Grande, and Gaithersburg in Maryland, and AnnandaleAshburn, Centreville, Herndon and Chantilly in Virginia. Also, in Edison, New Jersey and Orlando, Florida. Our goal is to open 50 Lotte Plaza Market locations by 2030.

Our Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of the Lotte Plaza Market company are Lead, Listen, Loyalty and Pride:


Lead the market with a creative mind. Innovate and put ideas that no one else has tried into action.


Listen to the softest voice and respond with meaningful action. Stay focused on the customer and always put the customer’s concerns first.


Earn our customers’ loyalty by offering the best products and honest service. Communicate with customers and read trends in the market.


Make our company one that people feel pride in and want to work for. Compensate our employees based on accurate evaluation of effort and performance.

Our History

1976 – Company founded.
1989 – Rockville, MD location opens.
1991 – Fairfax, VA location opens.
1999 – Silver Spring, MD location opens.
1999 – Ellicott City, MD location opens.
2007 – Germantown, MD location opens.
2007 – La Grande, MD location opens.
2008 – Chantilly, VA location opens.
2010 – Sungwon Distributor, LLC is established.
2012 – Ashburn, VA location opens.
2012 – Baltimore, MD location opens.
2014 – Gaithersburg, MD location opens.
2014 – Centreville, VA location opens.
2015 – Annandale, VA location opens.
2016 – Rockville, MD location opens.

2018 – Herndon, VA location opens.

2019 – Orlando, FL location opens.

2019 – Edison, NJ location opens.

Lotte Plaza
5821 Riverdale Rd. Riverdale, MD 20737
Phone: 301-699-7508