CEO Message

1. Our goal: become the best international grocery store in America.

In the fiercely competitive international grocery industry of Maryland and Virginia, Lotte Plaza Market has risen to be the leader in the region. We achieved this place of leadership by concentrating on management development and qualitative growth of our profit centers. Now that we’ve conquered this intensely competitive region, we are poised for growth and focused on becoming the best international grocery store chain in the United States.


2. The pace of our technological innovations will the pace of a rapidly changing external environment.

Our growth in the Korean Industry has reached the limits of the market. To continue our success, we must adapt to a larger base of customers, and meet their diverse needs in the retail market. Technological innovations, customer-centric management policies, and a commitment to continuously adapting our efforts to match customer demand will carry us to the next phase of growth.


3. Securing our future through sustainable growth.

We face rapid change in the international grocery industry and uncertainty in the U.S. economy. In our 40 year existence, we have continuously overcome challenges by relying on our underlying strength and establishing policies that prepare us for the unexpected obstacles the future will hold.

The people of Lotte Plaza Market will continue to pursue the highest level of satisfaction for our customers and stakeholders. The positive attitude and genuine commitment of our people is the biggest factor in helping us achieve the growth and customer satisfaction we aim for.

Thank you for your continued support.

Lotte Plaza
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