Absolutely Must-Try Taiwanese Foods

must try taiwanese food

Beef noodle soup is very similar to Vietnamese pho. It’s also one of absolutely must try Taiwanese foods

What are some absolutely must-try Taiwanese foods? Taiwanese food is highly similar to the more visible Chinese food often seen in the United States and elsewhere in the Western world. All in all, Chinese food, Vietnamese food, Korean food, and Japanese food all have a lot in common. East and southeast Asia are all so close together there’s bound to be plenty of cultural and gastronomic contact and overlap.

Let’s Look at Some Must-Try Taiwanese Food!

1. Braised Pork Rice: While it is the easiest to find when you are in Taiwan, that doesn’t make it any less scrumptious. A bowl of simple white rice is covered in braised pork belly that has been cooked in a delicious soy sauce with several sauces.

2. Beef Noodle: The ultimate Taiwanese comfort food. Like pho and other noodle soups, the beef noodle is famous and virtually iconic. It can keep you warm in the colder months, and fill you up during the warmer months.

3. Stinky Tofu: Don’t let the name scare you off. This tofu is made with bean curds. The iconic scent of it can be off-putting, but the locals do love it. Give it a try, and you might be surprised by it.

4. Pig’s Blood Cake: While the name is strange, a lot of the names for Chinese and Taiwanese food can, especially to American ears. A delicacy when it comes to street food, it is especially loved by the older generations in Taiwan. Pig’s blood is mixed in with some sticky rice that has been boiled in soy sauce. Once it has the consistency of a rubber eraser, it is then cut into rectangular pieces and served like popsicles are, on a stick but coated in peanut powder. Overall, the texture is somewhere between rice cake and mochi, if you are familiar with those foods.

5. Spicy Hot Pot: A few weeks ago, we showed you the basics of Chinese hot pot. Taiwanese hot pot is virtually identical. The main difference here is the spicy element. Restaurants that specialize in the hot pot and spicy hot pot, in particular, are everywhere in Taiwan, and they are easy to find in the big cities too. Herbs, peppers, and spices combine to make this a fiery mix. As with Chinese hot pot, you should cook meat and veggies in the broth itself.

Don’t forget to sample bubble tea with all of these mouth-watering dishes!

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