Try a Different Thanksgiving Tradition with Hot Pot!

Perhaps one alternative to the usual assortment of turkey, side dishes, and pies is to fire up your hot pot.

Do you feel that chill in the air? When tea, coffee, and hot chocolate aren’t enough to warm you up, you still have other options. Soup is always a good answer when you need to get rid of feeling frosty all the time. What did you have in mind for your Thanksgiving feast this year? Perhaps one alternative to the usual assortment of turkey, side dishes, and pies is to fire up your hot pot. Who knows, maybe it could lead to a new tradition you observe every year! 

Dealing with Party Time Logistics

First things first, you’ve got to set the table. And by that, we don’t just mean acquiring a fire pot and all of the tools and equipment needed. Sometimes, a seating chart (or a spreadsheet, honestly) can come in handy. An average-sized fondue pot can accommodate four people, and larger pots can feed up to six. Depending on the size of your overall group, you might want to deploy multiple pots. Then again, you can also make it a potluck occasion – even if the hot pot setup is the main attraction, there’s no reason why you can’t have the iconic Thanksgiving table staples on offer as well. 

Pro Tips For Making Everything Easier 

If you’re a veteran at enjoying this experience, the advice we have for you will sound old hat. But beginners will appreciate having some extra guidance to make the meal even more memorable. Unlike other meals (especially around the holidays), it’s not necessary to pre-cook anything. That said, cutting up meat and veggies will make it far easier to skewer them and dunk them into the broth. 

Proteins and Other Ingredients

Go all out in terms of protein selections – chicken, shrimp, and tofu are the most popular choices. You’ll also more than likely encounter fish balls. They are a Chinese delicacy (they’re essentially meatballs made of fish), but they can be unappealing to people without an acclimated palate. Slice the meat until it’s thin enough to read the newspaper through; this will allow it to cook much more quickly. Marinades also add to the deliciousness. Might we suggest a Thai garlic shrimp recipe you can modify for this gathering? 

Oh, and one more thing: don’t leave out the side dishes! No meal, not even hot pot, is complete without some crowd-pleasing accompaniments. Experiment with chutneys, salads, noodles, and bread, among others, to get the party started! 

How to Make a Burly Broth 

Chicken and vegetable stock are popular choices for making a tasty broth for hot pot. Beef and lamb broth is another excellent choice that you won’t regret. Toss in some dark soy sauce for an extra dimension of flavor. Then, don’t let the broth go above a quiet simmer!

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