Thai Food: Do You See Pad See Ew?

Thai Food: Do You See Pad See Ew?

If you enjoy Thai food, then you probably know all about pad thai. However, it has a close cousin in pad see ew.

If you enjoy Thai food, then you probably know all about pad thai. After all, this dish is the first one that many newcomers to That cuisine discover. However, it has a close cousin in pad see ew. These stir-fried noodles are just as delicious. Let’s find out more about them.

What Are They Made From?

Depending on where you go to find this excellent example of Thai food, you might see it named differently. For example, you may find that it is also called sen yai. These rice noodles are thick and flat at the same time. While thinner noodles are perfectly acceptable, for a truly authentic experience, you should use these rice noodles. They’re close to drunken noodles if you have ever tasted that dish before.

Do They Contain Gluten?

Since gluten intolerance and celiac disease are genuine concerns, many consumers are understandably worried about gluten content. It can be challenging to modify many different Asian dishes, no matter which part of the continent they hail from, to be gluten-free. Luckily, pad see ew is not a problem. There is naturally no gluten, but it’s still a smart idea to use tamari instead of traditional soy sauce when preparing this dish if you are sensitive to gluten exposure or cross-contamination.

What Sauce is Used?

Fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, and sugar are the traditional sauces and flavorings used to help give pad see ew its standout flavor. These ingredients are added before the stir-frying process begins.

How Are They Cooked?

Stir-frying is the accepted method for cooking these noodles. That said, there are two different approaches on how to go about preparing them, even if that is what you decide to do — soaking the noodles in cold water for up to forty-five minutes before draining is one method. Another technique involves boiling the noodles first. The noodles are steeped in the sauce mixture and drained and rinsed before the next phase of the cooking process continues.

What Do You Serve as Sides?

Once the noodles are done, it’s time to eat! Just don’t forget about the chicken satay, peanut sauce, crab rangoon, and papaya salad! This entire dish is delicious and makes for a colorful meal that can be a refreshing change of pace, especially if you’re tired of the same old takeout that you’ve had for years.

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