Pad Thai and More: Treating Your Taste Buds in Thailand

Pad Thai and More: Treating Your Taste Buds in Thailand

Although November 7th has come and gone, you might not have realized that it was National Pad Thai Day.

Although November 7th has come and gone, you might not have realized that it was National Pad Thai Day. Pad Thai is one of the tastiest dishes ever invented in Thailand, and it has become popular enough that you can find it well outside of Bangkok. If you’re inspired to take a trip there, here’s what else you can treat your taste buds to, so happy eating!

Pad Thai

As much as you love getting this noodle dish in the States, it isn’t quite the same as going back to find it in its native habitat. Rice noodles are fried up with meat or shrimp, then topped with eggs, peanuts, tofu, and bean sprouts. These are the most common topics, but carrots and Chinese cabbage are popular options too. It’s not spicy either, unlike some other famous Thai dishes.


If you’re roaming around Bangkok and you need a snack, look no further than satay. Skewers of chicken and beef are enough to get your mouth watering, but this is a Thai take on a popular dish that’s spread out all over East and Southeast Asia: you can find variants from Singapore to Japan. It can be spicy sometimes, but if you’re in the mood for an appetizer, you can eat two or three – or thirty, if you’re feeling particularly peckish.

Spring Rolls

If part of your journey across Asia takes you to Vietnam, then you’re likely to find and enjoy spring rolls while you’re there too. But the Thai version features a different type of dough, more like a fried pancake. This pancake is savory instead of sweet and is packed with veggies and served with a yummy dipping sauce. You get a choice of sweet chili or plum sauce, but don’t be afraid to try the rolls with both sauces.

Fish Cakes

These spicy fish cakes are perfect for more adventures palates, but you might have a hard time finding them.


Ah yes, curry. You can’t go wrong with Thai curries. Even the milder ones will still have a kick. You’ll find green curry, red curry, and yellow curry. Panang curry is a particularly delectable variant if you like nutty-flavored dishes.

Mango Sticky Rice

After you’ve had your Pad Thai, don’t leave out dessert! Sticky rice, delicate slices of mango, and some coconut milk are mixed into a sweet treat.

Thai Tea

This sweet, milky beverage is another treat you can find on your travels. Try some with your next order of Pad Thai!  

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