Thai Food: How to Make Thai Crab Salad

Thai Food: How to Make Thai Crab Salad

Do you love Thai food? If you are, then you know how popular seafood dishes are in that country.

Do you love Thai food? If you are, then you know how popular seafood dishes are in that country. Whether you plan to spend the fall traveling around Southeast Asia or you want to replicate the fresh, exotic flavors of Thailand in your kitchen at home, you don’t need to hesitate about not knowing what to do. Here is a guide for you to follow!

Your Ingredients

You’re going to need some delicious ingredients before you can get started! Half a cup of full-fat coconut milk is essential. Plus, you’ll need lime juice, crushed chili flakes, sugar, fish sauce, cabbage, and coriander leaves. Green onions, bean sprouts, carrots, and crab meat are all vital parts of the dish, too. Finally, be sure to include some nuts; whether it’s dry roasted peanuts or chopped cashews, the choice is yours!

Getting Started

Now that you’ve got your ingredients, the fun can begin. Stir everything together in a cup. Taste it to see how balanced it is between sweet and sour, the dish’s primary flavors. If it’s too sharp for you, then add some more sugar. Then put it aside for right now. 

What Comes Next

After that, it’s time to chop the cabbage. Hold it down on a cutting board and slice it into round pieces, going from one end of the cabbage to the other. Please make sure the slices are as thin as possible until it all falls apart. Cut the pieces into thin strips once you can.

Get a salad bowl. Add all the vegetables you’ve collected so far, leaving out the coriander. That comes later. Toss in the crabmeat before stirring the dressing one last time before you pour it over the Thai salad. Mix it all up. This time, throw in the nuts and then toss the salad one more time. Taste it and add more fish sauce if you would like. Lime juice and chili flakes can also alter the flavor depending on your preferences. Put onto plates or bowls. Add some more nuts on top with the coriander. Let everyone eat it while it’s at room temperature. You can also chill in the refrigerator for later, too. 

Pro Tip!

Make sure you take a look at the source of the crabmeat. Don’t accept crab that comes from Europe, Russia, China, or Asia, especially for king crab. That’s because the crabs are dwindling over there.  

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