The Steamed Bun Spectacular!

The Steamed Bun Spectacular!

Steamed buns and dumplings are popular all over the world, but most importantly of all, in East Asia.

We have talked about steamed buns before, but they are delicious. This means that you should try as many different flavors and varieties as you can. Steamed buns and dumplings are popular all over the world, but most importantly of all, in East Asia. Let’s find out more about them!

Some Tips 

You can use either instant yeast or dry yeast to make your buns. These buns are also called Mantou. Some warm water will help activate the yeast. If you are familiar with making bread, then this procedure should be familiar. You’ve got to keep kneading the dough to help ensure that the dough will be smooth enough for the texture to not be uneven and not as tasty. You don’t have to use any sugar, but the sugar also helps boost the quality of the gluten in the dough.

Making Them

The next step involves actually making the steamed buns. Fermenting the dough is another important step that you can’t forget about; if you do, the taste might not be what you expect. Avoid over-fermenting the dough, since this can ruin the bread. Once the first fermentation stage is done, pinch the buns to help push the air out of them. Bubbles will lead to a bumpy surface that looks unappealing and can affect your enjoyment of the buns themselves. Keep a close eye on how much heat and steam you use. This level will be different depending on if you are using a wood steamer, a bamboo steamer, or a metal one made of steel. For example, with a steel steamer, you can leave it on high heat, while for a bamboo steamer you will want to do it down to medium.

In Case of Sourdough

Sour-tasting dough or sourdough is quite good in bread, depending on how it’s made. For Chinese steamed buns, there’s another difference – in this case, your dough shouldn’t taste sour. If it does, then that means you have fermented it for too long. It might not happen until spring and summer come back, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore what you are doing, especially if you haven’t made them before. Too much instant yeast can also make this problem worse. Keep the dough cool after the second proofing so that the bread remains soft and fluffy. 

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