6 Examples of Mongolian Cuisine

6 Examples of Mongolian Cuisine

If you’re curious to know more about Mongolian cuisine, then you are in luck. We have assembled this guide to whet your appetite.

Look at any Chinese takeout menu. You probably see some examples of pan-Asian influence. This means that it goes beyond China and includes items from neighboring countries such as South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and yes, even Mongolia. If you’re curious to know more about Mongolian cuisine, then you are in luck. We have assembled this guide to whet your appetite


Khorkhog is a Mongolian barbecue. It probably isn’t the typical kind of barbecue you’d be expecting, though. No, this dish uses lamb meat that is cooked in a pot over an open fire. It’s mixed with carrots, onions, and potatoes. Smooth stones are put in the pot to make the cooking process go faster. The smokiness of the meat pairs well with how bland the veggies are


If you love dumplings, then you’ll be craving some buuz. Flour dough is filled with either shredded beef or lamb. The meat is cooked with onion, garlic, and pepper. Then the dumplings are steamed. It tastes similar to dumplings you’ve encountered from other Asian countries, but it is rather spicier than its counterparts. 


Boodog is a traditional roast that incorporates marmot meat. All of the marmot meat is used along with onions and potatoes. Hot stones are used to help cook the meat. It’s wholesome and authentic that tastes incredibly meaty and satisfying. 


If you are in the mood for noodles, then tsuivan might strike your fancy. It’s a noodle stew cooked with pork, beef, or mutton. Then some cabbage, onions, and carrots are thrown into the mix. The meatiness of the stew pairs well with the veggies and on the whole, it tastes unique compared to other types of Asian noodle dishes you might have sampled in the past. 

Guriltai Shul 

If you love pho or ramen, then you’d adore guriltai shul. That’s because this dish consists of a bowl of soupy noodles. Mutton soup or stock is filled with noodles and vegetables. You can either use fatty meat or loin meat, although fatty meat is the more authentic choice. The acidity of the soup and the rawness of the meat come together to make an amazing appetizer. 

Budataai Khuurga

No Asian cuisine is complete without a rice dish. That’s where budataai khuurga comes into the picture. This dish is cooked with shredded lamb or beef mixed with onions, cabbage, and carrots. It’s piquant and is great for either lunch or dinner. 

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