3 Meal Ideas for Eating More Rice Noodles

3 Meal Ideas for Eating More Rice Noodles

Get some rice noodles in your life!

Get some rice noodles in your life! The next time you crave some pasta, consider having rice noodles instead. Not only are they are gluten-free food (which is great if anyone in your family is sensitive) you don’t have to cook them for as long as you do with their Italian cousins. Here are some ideas for how to work more rice noodles into your weekly meal routine.

Make Soup

With spring edging closer to summer, it might seem like an odd notion to make soup. But spring and summer vegetables are coming into season now, and putting them together in a savory yet light broth can complete your next weeknight meal, especially if it’s a stormy night with wind and rain lashing your windows. Try making your own bowl of pho, or substitute rice noodles for egg noodles when someone in your family comes down with a springtime cold. Just don’t forget the chopsticks and porcelain spoons!

Drench Noodles in Sauce

You don’t always have to drop noodles into your next batch of soup. Although you might think tomato and cream-based sauces are the best, you’ll find that Asian noodle dishes create a rainbow of colors, textures, and flavors that can delight you when given a chance. Whether it is a low sodium soy sauce, sesame and peanut sauce or a stir-fry, try each of these meal ideas until you find something you like the most. Covering your rice noodles with fish sauce or hot sauce might not sound appetizing at first, but you’d be surprised.

Create Salads

Although you might love Caesar salads, you might be wary of using romaine lettuce for the foreseeable future. Some grocery stores will put up signs guaranteeing that their romaine lettuce is safe to eat. This situation means you have a chance to get creative – make a salad with iceberg lettuce or spinach instead!. Rice noodles can add a new dimension of flavor to your next salad that you might not have expected. Whether you want to put a vegetarian spin on your favorite meat-topped salads or find a new way to enjoy a Korean or Vietnamese salad, experiment with rice noodles to find out which taste you like best.

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