What is Korean Kimbap?

What is Korean Kimbap?

If you love sushi, then you probably already have an idea of what kimbap is.

If you love sushi, then you probably already have an idea of what kimbap is. In essence, kimbap is the Korean version of sushi, a remix that will get your mouth watering. While sushi has cooked variations, it is typically packed with raw ingredients. That’s one main difference: kimbap is crammed with cooked ingredients instead. Here is a closer look at how to make your own at home! 


For the wraps, you will need 4 sheets of dried seaweed (nori); 2 cups of cooked rice that is still warm but isn’t hot;  2 teaspoons of sesame oil; and 2 teaspoons of salt. This sounds simple enough, but for the fillings, you’re going to need more ingredients. 

Start with 8 ounces of cooked bulgogi, which as we have seen before, is marinated and grilled beef. You will also need 1 julienned carrot; a cucumber cut into long strips; 2 large eggs; a ½ pound of parboiled and chopped spinach; 5 pickled radishes that have also been cut into strips; you can also include crab meat and fish cake if you prefer.

Preparing the Wraps and the Fillings

For the wraps, be sure to gather the ingredients you need except for the seaweed sheets. Mix the rice with sesame oil and salt in a medium-sized bowl. Then put the wraps aside for now. Next comes the fillings. Gather everything and prepare the bulgogi. In a nonstick skillet, stir fry the carrots with some salt, and don’t forget about the cucumber! Remove both from the pan and set them aside. Then whisk the eggs until they turn yellow and fry them into an omelet. Then cut the eggs into strips. 

Rolling Out the Kimbap

The next step is to start rolling out the kimbap. Use a bamboo sushi roller or some tinfoil to lay some of the seaweed shiny-side down. Spread out the rest of the fillings and roll it up like you are rolling up some blankets or towels. Use some water to keep the rolls together along the way. Refrigerate the rolls until you are ready to eat them, but cut them into seven or eight pieces before serving. Experiment with different fillings, such as kimchi and cheese or spam, mayo, ad veggies!  

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