What Are Some of the Most Popular Korean Snacks?

What Are Some of the Most Popular Korean Snacks?

Come on down and get all of your Asian groceries from Lotte Plaza Market, especially when you want some yummy Korean snacks!

When you are in the mood for a snack, there are plenty of options at your disposal – from chips to cookies to crackers or even apples, oranges, and bananas. Sometimes though, you’ll find yourself craving something a bit more out of the ordinary. Come on down and get all of your Asian groceries from Lotte Plaza Market, especially when you want some yummy Korean snacks! 


Have you ever thought about trying laver seaweed? If you have but been reluctant to do so, then this is a great way to get your first taste of it. It’s dried, roasted, and seasoned. Plus, it doesn’t have many calories and is packed with calcium, vitamins, minerals, and even B-12 for more brainpower! 


You’ve probably heard of gimbap, also known as kimbap, by now. It is highly similar to Japan’s iconic sushi. Want to find some quickly and easily? Look for a variation called samgak-kimbap, which is triangular and easily found at every convenience store across South Korea.  


Injeolmi is very popular, and closely resembles its Japanese cousin, mochi. They are small, sticky rice cakes loaded with various fillings or toppings, such as sweet bean powder. Need a snack while traveling around? Here you go. 


Everyone loves donuts, so why not give the Korean version a spin? These deep-fried pancakes are jammed with brown sugar syrup and served while still hot, just like how a donut should be. Other fillings include chocolate, fruits, and cream. In Busan, you’ll find a local delicacy ssiat hotteok that combines syrup, chopped nuts, and seeds. 

Lotte Sand 

Yes, we had to. Despite the unappealing-sounding name, it’s simply a nickname for a snack sandwich. This cookie sandwich is stuffed with soft sweets in the middle, kind of like an ice cream sandwich or a certain cookie sandwich you might deconstruct and dip into milk before devouring. Lotte is one of Korea’s most well-known brands and has a theme park called Lotte World in Seoul. 

Banana Milk 

You’ve got to wash down all of these Korean snacks somehow! It is sweet and incredibly filling, too. Plenty of merchandise is dedicated to it, too, from stickers to T-shirts, and oh yes, there are other flavors too, as there should be; some examples include coffee, chocolate, and strawberry! 

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