Throwing Your Own Korean Barbecue

korean barbecue

You can throw your own Korean barbecue right from home.

Korean barbecue is an opportunity to bring friends and family together for a long, casual, delicious meal. Typically, Korean barbecue involves a grill set into the table where guests will cook their own meats and veggies then roll them up with various wraps, vegetables, sauces, and dips. There’s really no wrong way to go about Korean barbecue, which is partly why it’s become so popular in the states. Every bite you put together is your own creation. With Korean barbecue, you are the chef!

What Will I need?

In order to throw a Korean barbecue you will need a hot plate or grill for people to congregate around. You can use a plain old grill, a portable hot play, or a Japanese binchotan. If you’re inside, open up some windows, as there will be smoke. And make sure there is a seat for everyone at the table!


The primary things you will need for a Korean barbecue are thinly sliced meat (raw pork belly, beef tongue or bulgogi), kimchi, rice, lettuce or radishes. A variety of savory/spicy sauces to serve alongside everything else is also a good idea.


There are a ton of different meat choices for Korean barbecues–pork belly, short rib, beef tongue, brisket, squid, and more. If you’re not a meat eater, grilled mushrooms, tofu, and eggplant are some great alternatives. If you’re hosting a Korean barbecue it’s a good idea to offer guests a variety of choices.


Gochujang, ssamjang, and doenjang are the most common sauces served with Korean barbecue. Gochujang is a pungent fermented chili paste, and it’s a must have for spicy lovers. Sesame oil and sea salt are also great for dipping wraps.


You can create a Korean taco with your barbecue by using a wrap. The most common wrap is lettuce leaf, but shiso leaves and thin-sliced daikon radishes are also tasty choices. And although not traditional, many places are starting to use rice paper instead of lettuce or radishes in their Korean barbecue. It just goes to show that you can always mix things up and try something new with your cooking.

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