Korean Egg Bread: Taking Breakfast to the Next Level

If you are in the mood for something different, then why not give Korean egg bread a try?

Think about what you have for breakfast. What are some of your favorites? Waffles, pancakes, French toast? If you are in the mood for something different, then why not give Korean egg bread a try? Here’s how you take your breakfast to the next level. 

What Is It? 

Korean egg bread, known as gyeranppang is a way to enjoy Western-style breakfast while shopping in Seoul and other places in South Korea. First invented back in the 1960s, it covers all of your bases: you can have eggs, bacon, pancakes, and cheese all at once in a handy bun that you can take on the run. These buns are served steaming hot, perfect for chasing away the chills of a grey January day. 

Necessary Ingredients

Now, let’s look at the necessary ingredients you need to make Korean egg bread. You will need eggs, bacon, milk, cheese, some pancake mix, salt, parsley, and vegetable oil. This setup already sounds like a mouthwatering assortment, doesn’t it? Plus you can customize it to taste and switch the regular pancake mix for its gluten-free equivalent.  

Steps to Make It

And here we go: 

Step 1. Cut up the bacon into three thin strips. You still need to keep it thick enough to preserve the texture, though. Set it aside.

Step 2. Shred up the cheese; your choice of flavor. Put it aside.

Step 3. Grab a whisk and blend 1 egg and 100 mL of milk in a bowl large enough for your purposes.

Step 4. Slowly add 200g of pancake mix and then stir and mix until everything is combined.

Step 5. Take a muffin or loaf pan and oil it.

Step 6. Put 2 lbs. Of butter in each of the holes in the pan.

Step 7. Crack another egg for each hole. 

Step 8. You can then sprinkle the bacon, cheese, and parsley on it, or keep it simple with some kosher salt.

Step 9. Cook for 15 minutes at 356 degrees fahrenheit.

Step 10. After 15 minutes are up, take your Korean egg bread out and enjoy! 


Tips for Enjoying It 

If you have already made egg bombs packed with spinach, ham, and feta cheese, then you have already sampled something similar to gyeranppang! Take them with you as you head out to go to work, school, or run some errands!

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