The Health Benefits of Korean Cooking

korean cooking

Diets heavy in seafood are good for your heart!

A traditional Korean meal includes sweet, sour, bitter, hot, and salty taste profiles. The dishes often include a number of colors. These colors include white, green, black, red, and yellow. These represent the five basic elements of the yin-yang principle in Korean culture: wood, metal, fire, water, and earth. While there is no scientific correlation between this philosophy toward eating and health, eating a variety of foods in moderation may be the key to weight loss, and the low obesity rate in South Korea. Only one-third of adults in the country or overweight or obese versus 68% of Americans.   

The Secrets Of Soup

There are a number of traditions which keep Koreans slim and healthy, but one of these is soup. Korean cooking often involves soup with every meal. Soup is a relatively low calorie, yet satisfying dish. Studies have shown that people who eat soup tend to eat less more high-calorie foods later on during meals.

A New Way To Think About Meat

In America, we consider a giant piece of steak and a baked potato to be a classic meal. If you look at many of our classic dishes, they are incredibly meat heavy. We barbecue hot dogs and hamburgers, we eat Christmas hams, and meatloaf is one of the most classic of American comfort foods. In South Korean cooking, meat is treated more like a condiment in a dish full of vegetables and starch, rather than the main event. This keeps saturated fat intake low in Korean cooking. In fact, according to surveys, South Koreans get just 20% of their calories from fat.

The Fruits of the Sea

The Mediterranean diet has been cited as amongst the most healthy in the world, due to the prevalence of seafood. While Korean cooking is known more for its Kimchi than its extensive amount of fish, seafood is actually a key part of Korean cooking and the Korean diet. Seafood contains healthy fats, minerals, and lean proteins which keep you happy, healthy, and satiated without the higher fat content of many other types of animals. Seafood is also famously heart-healthy.

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