Would You Enjoy Eating Korean Black Bean Sauce Noodles?

Would You Enjoy Eating Korean Black Bean Sauce Noodles?

Have you had the pleasure of eating Korean black bean sauce noodles?

Have you had the pleasure of eating Korean black bean sauce noodles? If not, then you’ve been missing out on a delicious meal. This dish has recently become a favorite in the world of Asian cuisine. It’s a non-spicy noodle dish made of thick white wheat flour noodles and served with a sweet black sauce, diced onions, and minced pork or beef. Sound like a dish you would enjoy? Here is more information about this popular meal.

What is Jajangmyeon?

What we’re referring to as Korean black bean sauce noodles is actually a Korean version of a Chinese dish called jajangmyeon. It’s served in many Chinese restaurants in South Korea. In fact, it’s in such high demand that some reports suggest that about seven million bowls of jajangmyeon are sold every day in South Korea. It’s a cheap and convenient food that many people order for delivery or takeout. You’ll also often see it consumed in Korean television dramas and variety shows. It’s usually served with the sweet sauce on top, and people use their chopsticks to mix it all before eating.


When Chinese immigrants began settling in Incheon, South Korea at the end of the 19th century, they brought with them many customs and cultural influences from home, including traditional foods. The area is now known as the Incheon Chinatown, and it’s where many Chinese restaurants operate. As the story goes,  back in 1905, a Chinese restaurant called Gonghwachun began serving black bean sauce noodles and later adjusted the recipe to include caramel in the sauce to better suit the preferences of Korean people.

Popular Culture

Because it’s such a popular dish, Korean black bean sauce noodles are found in many places throughout popular culture. As we noted above, you’ll see references to the dish on television shows. Like hot dogs and chicken wings in the States, it’s often the subject of eating contests. The reason it’s used in eating contests is that the black bean sauce gets all over the place as the contestants are eating. As you can probably tell, this part is hilarious to watch.

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