Eight Spicy Korean Dishes for Super Spicy Lovers

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Spicy Buldak chicken pairs wonderfully with a cold beer.

Although Koreans love their sweets, chilli peppers and other spices are the cornerstones of Korean cuisine. For some people, there’s something strangely pleasant about setting your stomach on fire. Here are a few hot Korean dishes that will satisfy your spicy sadism.


Buldak is a savory barbecue chicken dish loaded in chili sauce. This hot dish isn’t too overbearing and is a great choice for social settings. Buldak and a cold beer is a popular combination known as Chimaek.


One of Korea’s most loved comfort foods, Ddeokbokki consists of soft rice and fish cakes cooked in a sweet red chili sauce. This dish is typically a nice balance between sweet and spicy.

Abiko Curry

Abiko Curry is a Japanese restaurant in Seoul that offers a stomach killing curry dish. One spoonful will have you wincing and looking for anything that can put out the fire.

Nakji Bokkeum

Stir fried octopus slathered in a generous amount of red pepper sauce. Accompany with rice, beansprouts and sesame oil to ease the heat.


Jjambbong is a ridiculously spicy seafood noodle dish. The broth is infused with four different chilies from Korea, China, Vietnam and India. We recommend that you eat Jjambbong with something milder, and prepare the right drink beforehand to cleanse your pallet.

Teumsae Ramyun

Ramyun noodles are a popular snack for Koreans, and many like it spicy. Shin Ramyun is a particularly popular brand of spicy instant noodles. You can crank up the heat even further with a visit to Teumsae Ramyun in Myeongdong.

Maeundae Galbijjim

Traditional Galbijjim are sweet and savory short ribs, but Maeundae (meaning spicy) restaurant has made it into one of Seoul’s hottest dishes, both in terms of spiciness and popularity. One bite will set your tongue on fire, so a steamed egg on the side is suggested to keep you cool.

Onnuriye Donkatsu

Donkatsu is a pork cutlet dish. Korean Donkatsu is a little less flaky and more sweet than its Japanese cousin, Tonkatsu. Onnouriye Donkatsu is a restaurant with its own drop-dead spicy variation. The pork cutlet is smothered in a dark red sauce made with some of the spiciest herbs on earth. Eating Donkatsu is like dropping a lit match into your stomach. A really tasty lit match.

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