A Home Cook’s Introduction to Making Korean Bulgogi

A Home Cook’s Introduction to Cooking Korean Bulgogi

Bulgogi is an iconic Korean dish and can be made with either beef or pork.

One of the many side effects of quarantine is staying at home. Some restaurants are open for dine-in experiences, but not all of them are willing to do so. For right now, it probably makes more sense to fire up the stove in your kitchen and try something new. Bulgogi is an iconic Korean dish and can be made with either beef or pork. The tender meat is caramelized and is often served with veggies that pack a nice crunch to go with their subtle sweetness. Since you should wait to start the grill, consider using your stovetop griddle instead! Please read on to find out more!

What is Bulgogi Supposed to Be?

Even if bulgogi is one of your favorite dishes, you might not understand the intricacies of preparing it. Beef and pork are the two most commonly used types of meat, and before they are sauced, they must be thinly-sliced first. The sauce you use is supposed to be sweet and savory at the same time – so perhaps this pairing can unlock the secret dimensions of the ever-elusive flavor called umami? The “fire meat” originated in the days of Korea’s Joseon Dynasty and has been mega-popular ever since. 

Asian Pears Can Bring Extra Flavor 

Asian pears, also known as Korean pears, are delicious on their own. That said, they can make your barbecued meat even tastier. Grate the pear into the marinade – although this sounds like a weird tip, the pears contain an enzyme that helps to tenderize the meat. Look for these pears at your local branch of Lotte Plaza Market! 

Experiment with Korean-Style Soy Sauce 

We also recommend that you play around with Korean-style soy sauce. See how you like it. Besides, something about using Chinese or Japanese soy sauce just seems…unfair to your taste buds. Korean soy sauce is unique and definitely brings something unique to the table in the way that its other East Asian counterparts simply cannot. 

Let It Marinate Overnight 

The key to an amazing barbecue lies in the marinade that you use. Although you can let the beef soak for half an hour or so, that won’t give you the full glorious experience of eating bulgogi. Instead, let it sit overnight so that the liquids seep in and create some magic while you sleep! Likewise, you’ll want to save the marinade liquid. For one thing, you can use it again later, and you won’t risk steaming the meat instead of barbecuing it.  

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