7 Common Types of Korean Barbecue

7 Common Types of Korean Barbecue

Pork belly is one of the most iconic meats in Korean barbecue.

If you can’t get enough Korean barbecue, then you might be sad that you can’t afford to go to the all-you-can-eat-restaurant every week. While it’s possible to barbecue other items, especially if you don’t eat meat. Still, it won’t hurt to familiarize yourself with some of the most commonly-enjoyed types of Korean barbecue.

Prime Rib

When you think of grilled meat from any culture, you’re probably expecting some marinade goes on it before it’s cooked. But that’s not always the case, as it is with the prime rib in Korean barbecue. You won’t find steak sauce for this prime rib, though. That’s because your servers will provide you with a salt and sesame oil blend that you dip your cuts of steak into, and it is unexpectedly delicious. You can also complement it with scallion salad, slices of pickled radish, and a soybean paste called doenjang to kick up the flavor, too!

Pork Belly

You might be wondering what the difference is between pork belly and regular bacon is. But it is one of the most iconic meats you’ll find on the table when it’s time to chow down on KBBQ. It’s called sam gyeob sal in Korean, which literally means “three layers of flesh” and it is fattier and thicker than bog-standard cuts of bacon. Lettuce, garlic, and scallion salad can help tone down the richness.  


Although you’re probably familiar with Peking duck, you might not know duck is another meat consumed in Korea. Once grilled though, duck needs to be loaded up with toppings to give it more flavor. That way, you can distinguish it from its partner-in-poultry: chicken. Marinated perilla leaf is an amazing seasoning but it could be too exotic for the KBBQ beginner.


This ribeye is marinated, but you’ll have to earn it – it can be tough to chew. Still, you’ll be rewarded with juice and grease that is highlighted by a coating of soybean paste.


Whether it’s smothered in garlic or curry, you might find that the chicken in a Korean barbecue feast will melt in your mouth. Try mixing the curry chicken with the lemon chicken, and you’ll find a pop of flavor that is almost too indescribable to put into words. Even plain seasoning will give the chicken a boost, but you’ll need to add some fixings, such as green chili peppers and lettuce, to give it some more texture.


Kalbi also spelled galbi, is one of the KBBQ classics that you need to include in every banquet. Soy sauce, garlic, and meat tenderizer are the most commonly used seasonings, and it’s tasty enough for you to eat on its own. Still, having some rice or buckwheat noodles as a base can make the experience even better,


Bulgogi is known as “fire meat”, and well, isn’t that what all barbecue is? You’ve got to have it. No Korean barbecue meal is complete without the bulgogi hitting the table multiple times.

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