5 Must-Have Non-Spicy Korean Dishes

Must-Have non-spicy dishes

KBBQ is a meal, but what are some other non-spicy Koren dishes?

Korean food has a reputation for being super spicy all the time. But this is just a popular myth; like all world cultures, Korea has its fair share of spicy dishes. Still, there are plenty of non-spicy Korean dishes that are just as wonderful and delicious. In this blog post, we’ll shine a spotlight on five such non-spicy Korean dishes that you simply must have.

Must-Have Dish #1: Bulgogi

Bulgogi is fairly well known as barbecue short rib. Although it is usually grilled and marinated beef, it can also be made with chicken or pork. Most barbecue restaurants in Korea carry bulgogi, and it can even be paired with a tasty soup, called ddukbaegi bulgogi, or hot stone soup with bulgogi.  

Must Have Dish #2: Samgyupsal

Samgyupsal is one of the non-spicy Korean dishes that has an exotic name, but is simply pork belly. Essentially, it’s a different type of bacon. It’s usually unseasoned and grilled right at your table. Pair it with lettuce or other sides on your table.

Must Have Dish #3: Jjajangmyun

Here’s one you might have seen before. Although the color seems off-putting at first, this dish is simply black bean noodles, an example of Korean-Chinese fusion. Although it is typically eaten during moving day in Korea, it can definitely be an everyday treat.

Must Have Dish #4: Kimbap

Kimbap resembles Japanese sushi. It even has similar ingredients, such as rice rolls and seaweed. Fillings can differ than sushi, including eggs and carrots.  

Must Have Dish #5: Korean Fried Chicken

Korean fried chicken is another non-spicy dish, but much like its American cousin and other varieties of fried chicken around the world, it can be made spicy as well. But what sets Korean fried chicken apart from its counterparts? It is fried twice for extra crunchiness and juiciness, two of the best reasons to love this non-spicy Korean dish.

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