4 Ways to Enjoy a Korean Breakfast: What to Eat

4 Ways to Enjoy a Korean Breakfast: What to Eat

Korean breakfast choices tend to be lighter. Besides kimchi, what else is there?

A delicious breakfast is a great way to greet the day. While you’re seeing the sights and wandering through new cities in South Korea, don’t overlook the importance of eating a good breakfast. Enjoy these dishes as part of a hearty Korean breakfast.

A Full Korean Breakfast

If you’re familiar with a full English breakfast or a diner-style special where they bring you a little bit of everything, then the idea of a full Korean breakfast shouldn’t be all that exotic to you. It’s important to get enough to eat at each meal, but this part mostly depends on how hungry you are. Typical Korean breakfasts don’t differ all that much from what you would eat for lunch or dinner. The only difference is the portion size – Korean breakfast choices tend to be lighter. Here are some examples of what you can expect:

  • Rice
  • Soups
  • Meat
  • Side dishes (also called banchan)

No meal is complete without rice, but you can liven up with your bowl with grilled short ribs (galbi), bean sprout rice (kongnamul bab), cold cucumber soup (oi naengguk) and kimchi.   

With Eggs and Tofu

We know what you’re thinking: eggs don’t sound too bad (unless you don’t like eggs) but tofu?! That’s a breakfast item? Yes, actually it is. In the case of this Korean breakfast, you’ll find a veggie omelet accompanied by tofu and soy sauce. The rice is dressed up with black beans or red beans, but even when cooked this way it likely has a different flavor profile than similar variations you may have sampled from Mexican or Cajun cuisine. You’ll also get more kimchi, and some Korean-style coleslaw too.   


If your go-to breakfast is an egg sandwich, then this Korean breakfast will make you drool. You’ll notice it’s normally called tost-u or gaeran tost-u when you’re ordering it from a street vendor. Still, once you bite into it you’ll find some unexpected toppings: cabbage and brown sugar, so you know it’s not your average American sandwich.  

With Fruit, Bread, and Eggs

Right now you probably think that this doesn’t sound much different from an American-style breakfast. Out of everything on the list, this is the closest to a Western breakfast you will find. Fried eggs, fruit, Japanese white bread found from any Korean bakery, and strawberry butter give this old favorite a fresh new twist.

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