4 Varieties of Vegetarian Korean Food to Try

4 Varieties of Vegetarian Korean Food to Try

If you are vegetarian, you still have some ways to get your Korean food fix without worrying too much about the diet you’re trying to uphold.

Korean food is well-known for how spicy it is. Plus, you’ll find plenty of meat and seafood-based dishes in this style of cuisine. That said, what if you are a vegetarian? Fear not, because you still have some options when you want to get your Korean food fix without worrying too much about the diet you’re trying to uphold.  


Ah yes, bibimbap, one of our favorite kinds of Korean food. Piled high with rice, sesame seeds, and plenty of crunchy veggies, this is one dish where you don’t need the meat at all. That said, meat is a delicious topping, but if you’re vegetarian (or your guests are), it’s probably for the best if you leave the meat behind. The type of rice you use is entirely up to you, as is the selection of vegetables and seasonings. However, you’ll have to cook the vegetables separately before you combine all of the ingredients. Salt, sugar, soy sauce, and hot pepper paste are necessary ingredients you can’t go without, either.  


If you’ve ever enjoyed a scallion pancake before, then you should be familiar with pajeon. After all, it’s a Korean version of that same snack. Make your next appetizer a vegetarian treat by combining green onions with the following ingredients: flour, water, soybean paste, and salt. Don’t hesitate to spruce it up with some finely chopped carrots, too!


Like bibimbap, japchae can be served with meat as well. However, the main difference is that japchae is a noodle dish, while its counterpart is rice-based. Stir-fry some sweet potatoes until they turn clear – which lends the name of glass noodles to the noodles that you make. Decide which vegetables you’d like to use, and then combine everything in a single large pot with oil, salt, and soy sauce.


The name of this last dish may sound familiar to you. Korean food and cuisine overlap with many others in East Asia, so the fact that Koreans enjoy their own version of ramen noodles shouldn’t surprise you. Once you have a pot of boiling water ready, toss in the instant noodles and the soup mix to flavor it. Once it’s ready, you can dress ramyeon up even more with some spring onions and even an egg that you can drop into the broth to add even more flavor – and get some protein into your bowl, too

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