4 Must Try Korean Street Foods

4 Must Try Korean Street Foods

Here are some of the tastiest Korean street foods, including the seaweed-wrapped kimbap, that you should try. Are you hungry yet?

Do you love Korean food? If you’re a fan of Korean food trucks, then you could always try to expand your horizons and take a trip to South Korea itself. So what should you eat if you ever visit Seoul? Here are some of the tastiest Korean street foods you should try. Are you hungry yet?


Chicken-based snacks are immensely popular across several forms of Asian cuisine, especially when they are fried. However, when it comes to the wide variety of Korean street foods, dakkochi is somewhat different. These are pieces of grilled chicken on skewers, easy for eating on the go while out shopping.

The spiciness of the chicken is balanced with the flavor of spring onions, and this is bound to be one style of barbecue chicken you haven’t tried before. Barbecue chicken, no matter where in the world it is found is never the same without the right sauce. Luckily, dakkochi is often served with a wide variety of sauces, much like how chicken wings are often frequently here in America.


Do you love sushi? Then you’re going to enjoy kimbap. Kimbap is the Korean street food answer to the wildly popular Japanese export. Much like sushi, kimbap consists of a seaweed wrapper sandwiched around some rolled-up rice. Preserved vegetables, eggs, and pieces of ham are packed inside and topped with a generous amount of sesame seeds that come well-toasted.

French Fried Corn Dogs

We know what you’re thinking: “doesn’t this belong at the state fair?” Perhaps it does, but you’ll want to keep it all to yourself once you have your first taste of this magical Korean street food. Hot and fresh fries are combined with bread and sausage before being baked together in an oven. Once it is done, it is served with ketchup, as it should.


When you order from your closest Chinese takeout restaurant, how often do you order steamed dumplings? Or fried dumplings? If you can’t get enough of either, then maybe you should sample their Korean cousin while you visit Seoul. Although these are highly similar to their counterparts from China and Japan, you’ll find meat, tofu, and spices inside them. As you should expect, the mandu dumplings will be served a healthy amount of that Korean favorite, kimchi.

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