Japanese Cuisine: Learning More about Omurice

Japanese Cuisine: Learning More about Omurice

Now you can try your hand at making one beloved element of Japanese cuisine: omurice.

Let’s suppose that you want to improve your culinary skills. Getting a handle on some of the basics, such as how to crack open an egg and scramble them or cooking up a pot of freshly-steamed rice is an excellent way to get started. Now you can try your hand at making one beloved element of Japanese cuisine: omurice.

What Is It? 

Japanese cuisine incorporates a wide array of delicious flavors from all over the world. Influences from other parts of Asia and the west are harmonized into something new and exciting. Omurice is pronounced as “omuraisu” in Japanese and comes from the blending of the words omelet and rice. Its origins lay at the beginning of the twentieth century when so-called “western food” began gaining popularity in Japan. The omelet itself is supposed to have chicken rice inside of it, along with ketchup. 

The Ingredients 

Now that we know that much let’s examine some of the other mouthwatering ingredients and take your brunch to the next level. Chicken rice is fried rice that includes chicken and is doused in a liberal amount of ketchup to give it a sweet, savory, and tangy flavor. The egg on top is also supposed to scramble until light and creamy. You can also experiment with other types of fried rice if you don’t want to have ketchup, or it doesn’t suit your fancy. Breast meat works better than thigh meat, and you can also punch up the tastiness by browning onions and swapping out the soy sauce for oyster sauce. The umami in the oyster sauce helps balance the sweetness of the ketchup. Peas and carrots also make yummy additions to the rice, although you can’t go wrong with having a salad on the side. Just don’t forget the ginger dressing!

For the eggs, you need to keep the yolks in – for the full effect, you want the yolk intact. Putting in a touch of cream or milk helps lend some richness, and adding grated cheese to the eggs infuses even more flavor!

Making Omurice

Don’t hesitate to switch out the rice and use spaghetti instead! Either way, start by marinating the chicken in soy sauce. Brown the onions before stir-frying the chicken. After the chicken is heated, you can add the ketchup and oyster sauce. Use a nonstick pan for the eggs, to help ensure that the cooked egg is fluffy. Melt butter in the pan before you tip the eggs into it. Shake the pan until the egg spreads out, but make sure there is no liquid left. 

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