The Lowdown On Making Homemade Mango Lassi

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Now then, let’s talk about actually preparing mango lassi.

One way to cool off your mouth after eating spicy food is to reach for something dairy-based. Something quick, easy, and delicious is the humble mango lassi. Perhaps you’ve tried it before at your favorite Indian restaurant? If you have, you’ve probably wondered how you could try making it at home. You won’t believe how simple it all is!

Basic Ingredients You Will Need 

As with many recipes, you’ll need to gather your ingredients first. If you break the individual components down, you’ll notice that all you have to have is fresh mango, yogurt, and milk. Although it’s easy to assume that many Asian food and drinks do not have any dairy content, that’s only a common misconception. 

Cardamom, sugar, and rosewater add an extra bit of pop. Saffron threads and chopped-up pistachios serve as tasty garnishings as well. While the most authentic recipes call for yogurt and chilled water, you can sidestep that notion. Use milk instead. Other possibilities include strawberries and coconuts – for when you crave pina coladas!

How to Pick the Best Mango 

Picking the tastiest mango for the lassi sounds straightforward. Even so, it’s not always a cakewalk. Some light brown sugar, honey, coconut sugar, and palm sugar allow you to alter the sweetness of the mango to your liking. Canned mango pulp is the secret taste weapon. 

As it turns out, it tastes great and removes unripe mangoes from the equation. Meanwhile, Mexican, Indian, or Thai mangoes are all fair game.  Honey mangoes and kent mangoes make a magnificent pair – so if you choose to team them up for your drinking pleasure, you won’t regret it!

Instructions for Making the Drink

Now then, let’s talk about actually preparing mango lassi. Start with two large mangoes. Then cut into them carefully so that you can extract the pits without damaging the tender flesh. Cubed mango flesh is much easier to pull off from the skin. Peeling the mango also works; be sure to dispose of the seed and peel along the way. 

Put the flesh, yogurt, milk, sugar, and cardamom into a blender. Food processors and immersion blenders do the job just fine – depending on your preferences, you might find them somewhat easier to use. Puree everything until you’ve achieved a smooth and delightful blend! 

Extra sweeteners like raw sugar, palm sugar, Indian sugar, granular sugar, coconut sugar, and even xylitol can change the flavor profile of your drink. Use these additions in moderation. Changing the ratio of milk to yogurt can decrease thickness – it’s not a milkshake – while adding more yogurt or mango pulp will thicken runny mixtures.

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