What Are the Health Benefits of Green Tea?

What Are the Health Benefits of Green Tea?

Whether it’s served hot or iced, green tea has plenty of health benefits.

Earth Day is coming up, and going green is the theme of this special occasion. One unexpected way to observe Earth Day is to sit down and have a cup of green tea. Whether it’s served hot or iced, green tea has plenty of health benefits. Let’s find out what they are.

It Has Many Nutrients

Green tea is part of a healthy diet as long as you don’t overindulge in it. Yes, even too much of a good thing can be harmful. Still, when you drink green tea you’ll find that you’re receiving nutrients you might not realize is in your drink. Polyphenols help fight inflammation and also help you resist the effects of cancer. Catechins are antioxidants that can protect your body’s cells, as well. What can damage your cells? Free radicals, which can accelerate aging.

It Lowers the Risk of Cancer

Since we already mentioned how the antioxidants in your green tea help you fight cancer, you might be curious which forms of the deadly disease are affected by this unexpected benefit. Women who drink green tea have shown in observational studies anywhere between 20-30% reduced risk of developing breast cancer. Likewise, the men observed in these studies show a 48% lower risk of prostate cancer. While these results are promising, more research needs to be done, and if you are worried about a potential diagnosis for cancer, it is vital that you still follow the professional advice of your doctor and seek whatever medical treatment works for you.

Improves Dental Health

The food you eat and beverages all have an effect on your dental health. The catechins in your tea can also kill germs that threaten the health of your teeth. Some conditions that can form because of this bacteria buildup include plaque, cavities, and tooth decay. Believe it or not, this tea can also help improve your breath, too.

Reduces Diabetes

Lastly, consider how green tea can help reduce the chances of developing diabetes.Please note, however, that this applies to Type 2 Diabetes. The specific benefits have to do with regulating your sensitivity to insulin along with your blood sugar levels. That’s why when you enjoy some green tea ice cream, remember not to overdo it!

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