The Enthusiast’s Guide to Delicious Asian Pancakes

The Enthusiast’s Guide to Delicious Asian Pancakes

Jianbing from China is likely the most well-known variant of Asian pancakes on this list. This image is of a scallion pancake pie.

If you enjoy having breakfast for dinner, then you are going to adore today’s topic. Whenever you hear the word pancakes, your mind probably automatically jumps to those fluffy, luscious flapjacks you can order from your favorite diner. Countries all over Asia have their take on the humble pancake. Still, they may not resemble the butter-soaked and syrup-slathered discs of comfort that you know and love.  

Serabi from Indonesia 

Whether or not you track these treats down in Java or somewhere else in the same region, they will be just as tasty. These small offerings are made with rice flour and either coconut milk or shredded coconut. As with other Asian pancakes, they can be served as either sweet or savory dishes. Some of the most popular toppings include sugar, bananas, jackfruit, meat, sausages, or even ice cream!

Appam from India

Let’s head over to another country belonging to the same part of the world. Unlike many other pancake types, this variation is bowl-shaped, and its batter features rice flour and coconut milk. In case you are wondering where you can sample it, you’ll have the best luck in Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, and Kerala. There, you will find unexpected cultural links to Christian and Jewish communities residing in India’s southern tip. One more thing – don’t skip the spicy coconut milk curry! 

Monjayaki from Japan

We hop from India to the Land of the Rising Sun. If you’ve always wanted to explore the Kanto Region of Japan, then make this Asian pancake one of your travel experience objectives. This pan-fried batter features wheat flour and fish broth. Then, cabbage and various seasonings are thrown in before the pancake itself is crisped on the bottom and only partially-cooked on top. Monjayaki evolved from funoyaki, a yummy batter-based snack typically served during Buddhist ceremonies.  

Jianbing from China

Jianbing from China is likely the most well-known variant of Asian pancakes on this list. At least, that could be the case for the majority of the inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere. Jianbing is an ultra-popular morning delight. Its name means “fried pancake” in English and resembles a savory-style crepe. Mung bean flour, black bean flour, and wheat flour are the batter’s most beloved bases. Plus, eggs are served over them accompanied by chili sauce, hoisin sauce, or savory bean paste. Then there are the magnificent fillings – such as scallions, spring onions, radishes, and cilantro.

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