Secrets to Shopping at an Asian Market

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Nothing quite beats the combination of good prices and freshness you’ll find at an Asian market.

While your local supermarket might have its own international aisle, nothing quite beats the variety, price and freshness you can get by visiting an Asian market. If you’re planning to try some of your own favorite Asian dishes at home, an Asian market can help you find some of the ingredients you’re less familiar with. Here are a few secrets to shopping at your local Asian marketplace.

Do Some Research

Doing a little bit of research before you set out on your next Asian market adventure will help make going down the aisles a little less baffling. Familiarizing yourself with the types of ingredients frequently used in Korean or Vietnamese cuisine will help your shopping experience easier. If you’re using a cookbook, there will typically be a section dedicated to ingredients and some basic education on how to use them. When you’re at the store, most products will have a little bit of english to give you an idea about the ingredients.

Get Fresh

One of the biggest advantageous to visiting an Asian market is to find fresh versions of the ingredients that you’ll usually find prepackaged. Things like tofu, curry paste, and noodles, as well as spices like turmeric, kaffir lime, and curry leaves are readily available, and fresh too! Markets with higher turnover typically have the most fresh and plentiful items, especially when it comes to produce.

Meat and Seafood

Meat and seafood offerings may not be what you’re accustomed to at your regular supermarket, but you can find a ton of value when it comes to these foods at your local Asian market. Thinly sliced meats are excellent for stir-fry and pho. Short ribs, pork loin, chicken and duck are usually also available as well as a variety of other meat offerings. You’re also guaranteed to find a variety of fish, some of which you can get butchered for you on the spot. Remember, you don’t even have to stick to stick to Asian dishes when it comes to shopping at an Asian grocery, sometimes it’s just a more worthwhile value overall.

Cooking Equipment

If you’re looking into doing some Asian cooking, most Asian markets will offer incredibly affordable equipment to outfit your kitchen You can find anything from ceramic bowls and plates to vegetable cleavers and rice cookers. So what are you waiting for? The best way to get involved with Asian grocery is to dive right in!

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