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Delicious desserts.

While traditional Chinese food desserts are different from western desserts, these unique treats are no less delicious. Even the way food is served is different in China, while multi-course meals with distinct separation between the courses are common here, all the courses, including dessert,  are served at once during a traditional Chinese meal. Below are some of the most popular Chinese desserts.

The Red Bean Bun

Red bean paste is one of the most common Chinese food sweets. These sweet dumpling-style desserts come in different shapes and sizes and are steamed. While red bean is a common bun filling, other common fillings include pine nut kernel paste, taro paste, and even black bean paste.

Dragon’s Beard Candy

This sweet treat is similar to candy floss and made of spun sugar. It’s very sticky, melts easily, and is a common Chinese street food. With such a funny name, who could resist trying this candy?

Egg Tarts

This dessert was originally introduced in China by Portuguese colonizers. These delightful little custard tarts have hard and sweet crusts. They are best when eaten warm and are often found at Cantonese-style Chinese food restaurants.

Candied Fruit On A Stick

This Asian dessert version of the toffee apple is a Beijing snack staple. It often consists of a skewer poked through some crabapples that have been dipped in liquid sugar and dried. This street food dessert often also includes kiwi and grapes as well as crabapples.

Pumpkin Pancakes

These deep fried pumpkin treats consist mostly of pumpkin, sugar, and flour. This winter favorite is one of the sweetest Chinese food desserts. Sometimes these fluffy pumpkin treats are covered in sesame seeds for extra delicious texture.

The Sweet Egg Bun

This southern Chinese favorite is a warm dessert bun filled with a mix of egg yolk and sugar. These popular treats are often found at Cantonese restaurants and are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Who wouldn’t want to try these out?

Deep Fried Durian

Durian is Asia’s most infamous fruit due to its strange outer appearance and strong smell. This summer dessert has a surprisingly sweet taste, the durian itself is deep fried in a batter crust. It is truly a unique taste.

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