What is Rice Congee?

What is Rice Congee?

Even as the days get warmer, rice congee can still warm you up.

Even as the days get warmer, rice congee can still warm you up. What is it? It’s a traditional Chinese breakfast that you can dress up as you like according to your tastes. Right now, let’s get a closer look at what makes it so yummy and how you can make it more than just plain old porridge. Oh, one more thing: it’s not only native to China; there are equivalents all over the world, such as Korean jook, along with khao tom moo and arroz caldo

What Makes It So Delicious?

If you love mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, or cookies, then you already know what it’s like to eat rice congee. While it’s true that these dishes are nothing alike, the porridge is meant as a comfort food. Simmer some rice in a much larger amount of water for several hours, but take heed: it takes much longer to do this on a stove than it does in an electric pressure cooker. Stirring it also makes the rice silkier than it might be if you just steamed it for a dinner party with your friends and family

How To Make It More Substantial

Making rice congee more substantial turns it into a full meal. Add flavor with chicken or chicken bones as you would if you were making a simple yet tasty broth. Spring onions and pork sung can also make this more delicious, but don’t feel constrained to only use these toppings. Shallots, cabbage, and poached eggs give you a punch of veggies and protein. You can even add some ginger to help clear up your sinuses. Although it is considered a breakfast food, you can also decide to have it for lunch or dinner. Treat yourself to a midnight snack, too!

Do It Yourself 

You can customize the congee any way you like – with some chicken wings, or cucumbers, kimchi, brown rice, quinoa all count as ways to respin your congee the way you like it. Start by rinsing the rice and combining the rice and water – or chicken broth if you wish. Chicken bones can also be added here. Boil, simmer, and cover. Take time to stir to keep it from going stiff. Once it’s like porridge, it’s ready. Even so, you’ve got dredge out the bones and shred the meat back into the mix. Ladle it into bowls and serve hot, even if it is only reheated.  

Bonus Section: The Ingredients You Need

  1. 1 cup of rice – any kind will do
  2. 6 cups of water, chicken stock, or vegetable broth
  3. Chicken meat or chicken bones
  4. Soy sauce
  5. Sesame oil
  6. Green onions, thinly sliced
  7. Asian greens
  8. Eggs and meat (chicken, beef, pork – mmm!)
  9. Garlic, shallots, and veggies

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