Eat Healthy With Authentic Chinese Food

authentic chinese food

Before traveling to China, or eating food here in the US check out these tips for eating healthy with authentic Chinese food.

Chinese food is as unique and diverse as the culture it comes from. It contains a wide array of textures and flavors that vary from region to region within the country. Chinese cuisine is greatly varied, but did you also know that it can be healthy as well? Before traveling to China, or eating food here in the US check out these tips for eating healthy with authentic Chinese food.

Skip the Extra

A hallmark of Chinese cuisine is a generous helping of sauces on the side. China Highlights recommends avoiding this excess seasoning and oil. Salt in large amounts can be disastrous for your body. For instance, salt can raise your blood pressure and make your body hold on to water. Look into restaurants or recipes that use chicken extract instead of MSG. MSG is short for monosodium glutamate. It’s a food additive meant to increase the overall flavor of a dish, such as certain soups. You might find MSG most commonly used in restaurants.

Oil is another common ingredient in sauce in Chinese cuisine. Indeed, some sauces are created with oil for added flavor – be careful when you eat. Make sure you are not accidentally adding deep fried foods into oily sauces! One pot of oil could be used to fry multiple batches of food, again and again, so be aware of that.

Hallmarks of a Healthy Chinese Meal

Chinese chefs often cook with several different ingredients in combinations that smell good, look good, and taste good. Chinese dishes are typically colorful due to most meats being cooked with vegetables. Keep your eye out for meat sautéed with vegetables and presented on colorful plates when you are looking for healthier choices. Vegetables can reduce the fat intake from meat and the meat adds a layer of flavor to the vegetables that enhances flavor.

Keep in mind when eating Chinese cuisine that very few raw ingredients are ever used in dishes. Almost all Chinese food is cooked. Ensure that your food is fully cooked before eating as it kills bacteria and parasites.

A Note About Medicinal Food

The Chinese believe that food can heal sickness within the body. Due to this, they won’t offer you pills for a headache or a cold, they will offer food. Many healthy foods in Chinese cuisine are used in food therapy and use medicinal herbs. Due to the healing properties in their cuisine, it’s easy to eat healthy and authentically Chinese!

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