4 Varieties of Chinese Cuisine

4 Varieties of Chinese Cuisine

You may think you know Chinese food, but fast casual and even elevated restaurants might not be able to replicate it.

You may think you know Chinese food, but fast casual and even elevated restaurants might not be able to replicate it. If you’ve been curious about what the next recipe you should try, then take a look at some of these examples of Chinese cuisine that aren’t the most well-known in the mainstream.


When you go to eat at a Chinese restaurant, the chances are good that what you see is Cantonese cuisine. This example of Chinese cuisine aims to highlight the natural flavors and textures of the food that you are about to sample. That’s why you will rarely find additional spices in Cantonese cooking. If you plan on traveling to China at some point this summer, then tour Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Macau in search of dim sum, youtiao, steamed eggs, and shark fin soup.  


Jiangsu cuisine is another aspect of Chinese food that you might not be as familiar with, at first. These dishes are meant to be gourmet since this part of the country is wealthier, but it also meant to be light and fresh to satisfy diners. In Jiangsu and nearby regions such as Yangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, and Zhenjiang, you can find jinling duck that has been salted and dried first; fried rice; soup dumplings, and pork belly.


Those intrepid foodies looking for something a tad bit more adventurous will be lining up around the block for this type of spicy Chinese cuisine. The infamous Sichuan peppercorn is so pungent that it can temporarily numb your mouth! Chongqing spicy chicken is also no joke, but if you want to find it, it’s widely available in both China and the US; mapo tofu, kung pao chicken, and dan-dan noodles are some standout dishes.  


If you’re a fan of raw sushi, then sitting down to try Zhejiang cuisine won’t seem so exotic. That’s because most of their seafood is also served raw. In this respect, it’s similar to the cuisine you would find in Japan. Also, if you’re keen on trying some of the most famous Chinese desserts, then this is the place to be! Taste the flavors of Hangzhou, Shaoxing, and Ningbo as you introduce your tastebuds to dongpo duck and glutinous rice balls, among many other culinary delights.

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