4 Of the Most Popular Chinese Cooking Techniques

4 Of the Most Popular Chinese Cooking Techniques

Chinese cooking and the methods involved are some of the most famous techniques in the world.

Chinese cooking and the methods involved are some of the most famous techniques in the world. Chinese cuisine is delicious, and focuses on fresh ingredients and finding the perfect balance between color, texture, and presentation. Here are four of the most popular Chinese cooking techniques. Let’s learn more about them!


Stir-frying is one of the most iconic Chinese cooking techniques. It doesn’t take long to do and produces some of the tastiest and most flavorful food that you can prepare. To begin stir-frying, you’ll need a wok and a wok spatula. This technique is best done on a gas stove, although if you turn your electric stove to a high enough heat, you can use that stove to stir-fry as well. What is best cooked through stir-frying?

  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Veggies
  • Tofu


Steaming is another famous Chinese cooking technique. As the name implies, the food is cooked by using steam. Among the numerous Chinese cooking techniques, steaming is often thought to be the healthiest. Steaming also has the added benefit of locking in the nutrients present in the food instead of cooking them out. For this method, you’ll need a set of bamboo steamers. You might already be familiar with these steamers after seeing them at your favorite Chinese restaurant.  Some of the most famous steamed Chinese dishes are:

  • Dim sum
  • Steamed buns
  • Dumplings
  • Steamed fish


Red-stewing is one of the most excellent Chinese cooking techniques. When it comes to cooking meat that is tougher, it’s best to use red-stewing. This particular method is achieved by slow-cooking the meat over a low flame. It might take a while, several hours in fact, but it is worth it. The sauce, when done, is either bright red or dark brown, which lends the name of red-stewing. Some famous dishes that are red-stewed or red-cooked are spare ribs and fish. If you’re interested in trying this technique, you’ll need a stew pot or a slow cooker. Red-stewed pork is also known as hong shao rou.


Roasting is another highly versatile Chinese cooking technique. Chicken, duck, sheep, and pig can all be roasted. Cleaning, seasoning, basting and all essential parts of the roasting process, which are all necessary before the meat can be hung over fire or cooked inside an oven. Searing the meat makes the skin incredibly crispy, which is one of the best things about eating roasted food. Once the meat is ready, it is then skillfully chopped and arranged on a plate. Peking duck is one of the most well-known roasted dishes in all of Chinese cuisine. Another is roast pork, which often looks red-cooked as well. When roast pork is stuffed inside a bun, steamed or otherwise, it is called chao shao bao, or char siu.

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