5 Korean Beverages You’ve Got to Sample This Summer

5 Korean Beverages You’ve Got to Sample This Summer

Why should you settle for plain milk or chocolate milk? Strawberry milk might even quench your thirst. But you could also try banana milk, coffee milk, or these other Korean beverages!

Summer in South Korea can be astonishingly hot. If you thought it was hot and humid here on the East Coast, you’d be surprised how hot it can get over there. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are plenty of refreshing Korean beverages meant to help keep you cool and give you a blast of flavor you might not have had before.

Banana Milk

Why should you settle for plain milk or chocolate milk? Strawberry milk might even quench your thirst. But whether you only organic and grass-fed milk, you should still give banana milk a try. Much like the typical flavors that you’ll find here in America, banana milk is just banana flavored. Still, it has a light sweetness to it while not too overpowering. Milk is good for you, which is what the South Korean government was thinking when it recommended that its citizens start to drink more milk.

Coffee Milk

We can’t function without coffee. Korean coffee milk is some milk with coffee mixed in – not unlike something you’d get from your favorite local coffeehouse, but with a delightful international twist to it. If you need a quick pick-me-up, then this should fit the bill; but if you’re still thirsty, then you can keep going and find some of these other Korean beverages.

Citron Tea

The next item on our list of Korean beverages might be somewhat more familiar to you. Although it has slowly spread to high-end American restaurants and coffee shops, you can still find it at Asian supermarkets and bakeries. The citron fruit, or yuzu, is chopped into small, fragile slices. These fragrant pieces of fruit are mixed with honey, which adds another dimension of flavor to the whole concoction. It’s easy to make citron tea – just mix this honey with some hot water and you’ve got a great remedy the next time you come down with a cold or are stuck in bed with the flu.


If you love milkshakes or protein shakes, then you might have an idea of what misugaru is. Like bubble tea, there is a huge variety of flavors, fixings, and toppings. All you need is some ice, a blender, and a sweetener, but it’s also a great grab-and-go meal replacement – so you don’t have to slow down if you’re wandering around the shopping districts of Seoul or just on your way to work in Baltimore.


Let’s say you’ve just had a delicious meal, maybe of Korean sushi, and you’re looking for something to finish it off. You should try sujeonggwa, perhaps the unique item on our list of Korean beverages. It’s a mix of cinnamon, ginger, brown sugar, and persimmon. Plus, it doesn’t have to be served hot – it can be served cold, perfect for the scorching heat of summer.

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