5 Home-Style Korean Remedies to Help You Feel Better Fast

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In any case, we’ve prepared this list of convenient Korean remedies that’ll perk you back up.

Have you been feeling under the weather lately? It might just be allergies, or it could be something worse. Before you automatically assume that it is due to Covid, take a step back and think about it first. It’s entirely possible that the reason for your misery is flu-related or caused by ordinary food poisoning instead. In any case, we’ve prepared this list of convenient Korean remedies that’ll perk you back up. You’ll be right as rain in no time! 

Yuju Cha AKA Yuzu Tea

Tea is always good for a quick pick-me-up. This variety delivers sweetness and tartness at the same time while packing a punch of Vitamin C. It’s the go-to remedy for minor colds and flu-like symptoms all over Korea. Plus, you can make it at home; fresh citron is the key ingredient, but you can also track down and purchase the marmalade instead.

Sam Gae Tang AKA Gingseng Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is good for the soul – and in some cases, that soup can touch your soul. Did you know that this soup is the most popular during the summer? Although this sounds like a strange custom, it has to do with the idea of cooling down by countering hot weather with hot food. 

Jook AKA Rice Porridge 

When it comes to comfort foods, you might be familiar with a fair few: rice congee (the Chinese equivalent of jook), chicken noodle soup, and macaroni and cheese. So what makes jook so special? For one thing, it’s incredibly versatile – serving as a tasty snack, an easy breakfast, a light lunch, and soothing for the sick. Ginseng is tied to Korean medicinal lore as a cure-all for energy, vitality, and immunity issues. 

Snack-Worthy Honeyed Asian Pears 

Asian pears are delicious. Besides, they’re much sweeter than their more well-known counterparts on this side of the globe. They definitely help reduce coughing fits and sore throats. Eating it two or three times a day isn’t just enjoyable – it’ll make the symptoms go away, too! 

Korean-Style Bean Sprout Soup 

We’ve probably already told you how magical bean sprouts are. There’s plenty of Vitamin C to be found in these little treasures, and they don’t contain very many calories, either. If you need to get over a nasty hangover, this delicious Korean soup will help you feel better. Some red pepper flakes will give it a little boost in the kick department. 

Bonus Round: Yuk Gae Jan AKA Spicy Beef Soup 

Those discerning diners with a more resilient palate will feel their mouth water right about now. Yuk Gae Jan, also known as spicy beef soup, is hearty enough to warm up your entire being. Meats and veggies meld, suspended in a super spicy broth, and definitely clear out your sinuses. Your liver will be happy, too, since this soup expels toxins from inside your body. 

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