How Much Do You Know about Dragon Fruit?

You may have come across a spiny-looking fruit while shopping for groceries. This is called dragon fruit.

You may have come across a spiny-looking fruit while shopping for groceries. This is called dragon fruit. While it looks unusual, it is surprisingly delicious! The question must be asked: how much do you know about dragon fruit? Please read on to learn more about it!

What It Is

The dragon fruit looks pretty similar to an artichoke. It got its name from the spikes on the outside of the skin. Four different types are commonly found: pink, red, purple, and yellow. Pink-skinned fruit has white flesh, as does the yellow-skinned variety. There is also a pink-skinned type that has red meat instead. All of them feature small black seeds similar to the ones you would find inside a kiwi. You can eat them, though. Also, the dragon fruit itself makes a beautiful addition to a cocktail, if you are so inclined. If you are ready to eat it, then all you need to do is split the skin open and scoop the flesh out with a spoon. 

Tips for Using It 

Now that you know some more about it, you might be eager to find out different ways to prepare and eat it. Whether you want to cut it up, blend it, or freeze it first, you can eat it raw. Putting it on skewers and grilling, it is also yummy, just like pineapples. A cutting board and a sharp knife are all you need to dig into the skin. Using a tablespoon, you can remove the flesh, don’t eat the skin, since it is inedible.   


The Taste 

These fruits taste both sweet and delicate. If you are in the mood for something tropical to chase away the ho-hum of winter, then this is a dessert that you deserve. You will find that it tastes like a hybrid of kiwis and pears or kiwis and watermelons. It’s also creamy, much like kiwifruit is.  

Recipe Ideas

Even though you can eat dragon fruit raw, there are still some yummy recipe ideas you can sample. Try it with some fish, such as tuna, cod, and mahi-mahi. It can be chopped up into salsa and can be mixed with mangoes and papayas. Asian markets are a great place to find it, especially if you can’t find it at your regular supermarket. If it’s too blotchy, then it is probably overripe. Press on the skin to see if it needs a few more days to be ripe enough or not.   

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