4 Perks of Sharing Food at a Chinese Restaurant

4 Perks of Sharing Food at a Chinese Restaurant

You can do your part to help reduce food waste in any Chinese restaurant that you regularly visit.

You may have noticed that at most Chinese restaurants, the entrees you receive are served family style. This means that while everyone gets a bowl of rice and a cup for tea, the dishes are meant for everyone to pass around. In other words, you don’t get one meal where sharing is optional. It’s much more fun if you share e, in fact, it’s encouraged! Here are some reasons why. 

More Diversity 

One thing you’ll notice is that most dishes here in the US are entirely meat or entirely vegetable. Noodle dishes and soups will tend to blur this line, but what you see is what you get. The rice serves as a base, and even though it might carry its delightful aroma (there’s just something magical about restaurant rice!), it’s only really supposed to be the canvas. Sharing is not only caring but an enjoyable experience for your taste buds as well. 

More Nutritious 

Once you find the perfect way to balance out your meal, you’re also getting more nutrients. The key to feeling satisfied is eating enough without overeating and getting enough variety that your appetite doesn’t start to lose interest because that has been known to happen. This principle gets even worse when you roll into a buffet expecting to go all-you-can-eat, only to fill up on one type of classic comfort food without being bold enough to try something new. The chicken, pork, or beef you order might not come with veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, or snow peas unless it is listed on the menu. 

More Food

Waste not, want not! Another perk of sharing is that you’ll get more food for less money. Thus, you can do your part to help reduce food waste in any Chinese restaurant that you regularly visit. What you can’t eat shouldn’t be stuck in the back of your fridge – the leftovers can go towards another meal the next day! Saving money also means more funds for going out to enjoy yourself some other way after dinner – whether that means visiting the Chinese bakery for a warm custard bun or sipping on bubble tea while singing the night away at your favorite karaoke place!  

More Quality Time

Ultimately, the biggest perk of sharing food at a Chinese restaurant means that you get to have more quality time than you did before. Building a bond is a great way to strengthen cherished relationships, and that’s part of why food is so important in all cultures! 

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