An Introduction to Cantonese Cuisine

An Introduction to Cantonese Cuisine

You might be wondering what Cantonese cuisine is, and we won’t blame you.

You might be wondering what Cantonese cuisine is, and we won’t blame you. It’s one of the many regional varieties of Chinese food. Much like how the different regions of the US have different styles of food, the same holds true of China. Let’s dig into these mouthwatering dishes before you get too hungry to keep reading.

Soup Dumplings

If you love chicken and dumpling soup, then this Cantonese dish is right up your alley. What Americans call chicken and dumpling soup is not the same as what the Chinese people do, but there’s no question that this first example of Cantonese cuisine is delicious. Known as xiao long bao, they are dumplings filled with steaming hot broth, so be careful when you bite into them – chopsticks are recommended!

Barbecue Pork Buns

If you love going to dim sum for Sunday brunch, then you should be familiar with barbecue pork buns. You can also get some at your local Asian grocery store to bring home and steam or microwave for your next lunch or part of your next dinner party. These soft buns are packed with the distinctive barbecue pork known as char siu.

Radish Cakes

If your parents came to America from mainland China or Taiwan, then you’ll know radish cakes. Also known as turnip cakes, you make them by putting daikon radish in the pan and frying them with rice flour as a binder. These are also common meal items during the Chinese New Year banquet, mainly because the pronunciation for radish in Chinese sounds like the word for “good fortune.” Perhaps you know the term lo bo gao?

Hand-Pulled Noodles

Noodles are one of the most iconic examples of Chinese cuisine that is beloved around the world. The hand-pulled variety is a special delicacy of Cantonese cuisine known as lamien (pulled noodles). These noodles are easy to eat after they’ve been doused in soup broth and given toppings such as meat and seasonings.  

Rice Congee  

Rice is another element of Cantonese cuisine that can be found in every type of Chinese cooking. Rice is also commonly found all across Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America, not to mention North America. Rice congee, however, is a typical breakfast like cereal or porridge in the west. Speaking of porridge, you might hear of congee referred to as rice porridge. Dried pork, scallions, and even peanuts are classic toppings for rice congee, which is some of the most soothing and delicious dishes of Cantonese cuisine to start or end your day with, so get ready to chow down!

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