Start the Year of the Rooster Off Right With a Healthy Asian Dish

Asian dish

Resolve to eat healthier this year!

A new year, new you, which only means one thing: healthy eating. When you think of healthy eating, you’re probably thinking of all the food you must sacrifice in order to live a healthier lifestyle and preparing to say goodbye to all of your Asian take-out. There’s good news, however. You can eat delicious, Asian meals without guilt if you have the right recipes and market that houses fresh ingredients. Here are some Asian dishes that are both delectable and kind to your waistline.

Asian Dish #1: Vegetable Fried Rice

Just because you are on your way to healthy eating does not mean you have to give up this staple Asian dish. A light variation of the traditional fried rice, all you need to do is pick up some ingredients from your local Asian market, and you are looking at a tasty 360 calorie meal that is packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Asian Dish #2: Pork Chop Suey

A staple in Asian cuisine, just swap out the chicken broth and soy sauce for low-sodium options, and you are looking at a mouth-watering recipe filled with Vitamin C and Iron. At 279 calories per serving, this recipe is not only yummy but versatile, as well. Just swap out the pork for chicken or beef, and be amazed.

Asian Dish #3: Moo Shu Vegetables

Another Asian dish you should never be without! This vegetarian version of Chinese stir-fry not only uses shredded vegetables, which significantly cuts down on prep time but can also be modified to meet satisfy your taste-buds. Moo Shu Vegetables has a mere 172 calories per serving and can be served with whole wheat tortillas.

Asian Dish #4: Wasabi Salmon Burgers

Love salmon? Love Japanese food? If so, this burger is perfect for you. Mixed with a fusion of ginger, sesame oil, and wasabi, you tailor these versatile burgers to meet your dietary needs. Simply use whole-wheat buns, or skip the bun altogether, and use sliced cucumbers and reduced fat mayonnaise as condiments. All of these fresh ingredients can be found at your local Asian market, making the search for the perfect ingredients hassle free. Packed with only 174 calories per serving, you can finally enjoy a burger guilt-free.

Ready to Experiment with Flavor?

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