Satisfying Asian Breakfast Foods

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Congee is a delicious Chinese breakfast food!

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It’s when you can relax with family before heading out to work or school. It gives you the energy to start out your day right. Every culture around the world has their own special way of doing breakfast. Here are some favorite breakfast foods from all around the Asian continent!

Breakfast in China

There are several different breakfast foods in China. If you go to a Chinese household, here’s what you may find on the breakfast table.

  • Congee. Congee is a rice porridge that has been cooked long with lots of water to soften the rice. Different toppings give the congee flavor and vary by region. Some of these toppings include pickled vegetables, fermented tofu, peanuts, eggs, and meats.
  • Baozi. Baozi are steamed buns that are filled with pork, vegetables, bean paste, eggs, and more! Even though baozi are eaten during any meal, these sometimes-savory sometimes-sweet buns are especially popular for breakfast.

Breakfast in Vietnam

Noodles, rice, and soups are popular foods to begin the day in Vietnam. Here’s what you’ll find on a Vietnamese breakfast table.

  • Pho. Pho has gained popularity worldwide as a symbol of Vietnamese culture. This delicious soup is made of a pork or beef broth, gao te noodles, and special spices. Every bowl of pho is unique because of the many combinations of spices that the cook may choose to include.
  • Xoi. Xoi is a popular breakfast food that consists simply of sticky rice mixed with green beans, peanuts, corn, egg, or meat.

Breakfast in Korea

In Korea, many of the same foods that are eaten throughout the day will be eaten for breakfast as well. Here are some foods you may eat for breakfast in Korea.

  • Kimchi pancakes. Kimchi pancakes are a simple dish that can be made and eaten quickly. A rice flour mixture is combined with kimchi, then fried in a pan. Yum!
  • Doenjang jjigae. This fermented soybean soup is a stew-like dish that may also include ingredients like vegetables, seafood, of dubu.

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