Popular Chinese Dishes to Try


Lotte Plaza has all the ingredients to make all these delicious Chinese dishes .

Good food with great people can make an evening memorable. With a lengthy history, unique ingredients, and versatile flavors, Chinese food will keep your taste bud smiling. Follows is a list of the most popular, delicious Chinese dishes.

Spring Rolls

Let’s start off small with a Chinese dish that is mostly served as an appetizer. They are similar to egg rolls, they are usually filled with meat and vegetables, and can either be served savory or sweet. A Cantonese classic, spring rolls are deep fried and served with your choice of sauce. This gives them their yellow color.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Cooked pork served with a balanced bright orange sauce won’t leave you disappointed. Tasting sweet, with a slight tang, sweet and sour pork is one of the most well known Chinese dishes. With the popularity of this dish came modifications to the original recipe. Today, you might have a choice of sweet and sour shrimp, chicken, or beef. The Chinese dish has evolved over time to meet the demands of customers.

Gong Boa Chicken

A Sichuan style dish, Gong Boa Chicken is quite popular among the Chinese themselves. With diced chicken, dried chili, and fried peanuts, this Chinese dish incorporates an interesting combination of ingredients that will have you chewing until the last bite

Mo Pa Tofu

Originating from Chuan cuisine, this recipe has been popular for the past 100 years. ‘Ma,’ meaning having a spicy taste, the dish has quite the kick. Incorporating marinated tofu, ground beef, and scallions, the savory taste keeps people from all backgrounds wanting more.


Customarily wontons are eaten during the winter solstice. Triangularly shaped with pork or shrimp stuffed inside, wontons are commonly boiled and served in soups, or deep fried served with dipping sauce.


Extremely popular in North China, dumplings are stuffed with minced meat and chopped vegetables. They are served with a savory sauce with a soy sauce base. Dumplings are usually either steamed or fried and often times made vegetarian for those with dietary restrictions.

Chow Mein

Cantonese for ‘stir-fried noodles’, chow mein is an extremely popular dish among locals and foreigners alike. Consisting of noodles, meat, onions, and celery the noodles must be cooked in boiling water for a time. Once noodles are cooked, all ingredients are combined together in a wok.

Peking Duck

Originating in Beijing, Peking duck is served with a crisp skin. Traditionally served with pancakes, bean sauce, and soy with minced garlic, this Chinese dish is a must-try!

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