What is a Lotus Root?

Lotus Roots

Lotus flowers are known for their beauty but the lotus root is known as a delicacy throughout many cultures.

Lotus root is just one of the many ingredients sold throughout Lotte Plaza Market’s various locations. A popular vegetable throughout southern and eastern Asia, this root is full a fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients. Now that we know what a lotus root is for, how do you choose one and cook it at home? Let’s take a look!

Preparing a Lotus Root

When choosing a lotus root at Lotte Plaza Market, it is important to choose one that is light orange-brown in color. Older roots tend to be deep brown in color. Mature lotus roots are slightly bitter in flavor and are not good eaten raw. The bitter substance is mostly in the skin so make sure to peel it carefully to remove the bitterness. Like a potato, this root tends to darken quickly after peeling. To prevent it from oxidization, soak the peeled root in water with a splash of vinegar. Depending on how long the lotus root is cooked will depend on the type of texture you get. Lotus roots can vary from crunchy to starchy and sticky.

Trying Lotus Root

Lotus root can be enjoyed in many different dishes but makes an excellent addition to any stir fry or even fried or baked into chips. To make a stir fry, cut the lotus root thinly and soak it in vinegar water and drain before cooking. Heat up a large frying pan with oil, add one piece of peeled the chopped ginger and two chopped cloves of garlic. Once the mixture is fragrant, add the drained lotus root into a single layer. Cook until the roots look translucent then turn over and cook for a few more minutes. Add one and a half cups of chopped green onions, two tablespoons of hot red chili pepper, one and a half tablespoons of soy sauce, one teaspoon of sesame oil, and one tablespoon of sesame seeds. The lotus roots should be caramelized in the soy sauce and this stir fry is ready to eat. Lotus roots are extremely versatile and can be used in many different dishes. Don’t hesitate to try some lotus root today!

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