How to Make Red Cooked Pork

How to Make Red Cooked Pork

Have you ever been to dim sum and wondered how to make the delicious red cooked pork?

Have you ever been to dim sum and wondered how to make the delicious red cooked pork? It is just as easy to make it for your next dinner and amaze everyone in your family.

Get the Ingredients

Before you can get started, you’re going to need some staple ingredients. Two slabs of pork belly, each cut into pieces that are about 1.5 inches thick is the meaty base of this beautiful dish. All in all, it should total about 1.5-2 pounds of pork. Then you’ll need four or five eggs, and three tablespoons of sugar. However, if you’re thinking of using the powdered sugar, set that aside for the time being and break out the rock sugar instead. Then you will need half a cup of Shaoxing wine. If you’re not sure where to get this, then it’s time for a visit to your friendly neighborhood Asian supermarket. The next ingredient: two tablespoons of dark soy sauce along with the same measure of regular soy sauce. Add in a cup of water too, but don’t hesitate to add more water if you think you need it. Finally, you will need a pack of tofu puffs for the plating.

Prep the Meat

Now, prepare the meat. You’ve got the cut the pork belly into the pieces that you need. Then fill a pot with cold water and drop your eggs in, then set the pot on the stove and start to boil the eggs and water on a low setting, but you need the water to boil. Let the eggs boil for five minutes. After they’re done, pull them out and let them cool in a bowl of cold water for another five minutes. Finally, peel the eggs and put them aside for now.

Now it’s time to boil some more water. You’re supposed to use a large pot for this step. Once the water is ready, put the pork in and let it blanch for three minutes. The point of this is to cook away the extra fat that you don’t need. Drain the meat and rinse it before you start working with your wok. What you do next is a story for another time.

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