Your Guide to Asian Greens, Part 2

Asian greens

Part 2 of our indispensable guide to Asian greens!

Last week, we highlighted some wonderful Asian greens you can find at Asian supermarkets. This week, we will continue that theme with a follow-up post spotlighting some other delightful green vegetables that can be commonly found in Asian supermarkets. In this blog, we will examine two Asian greens in particular: Chinese broccoli and snow pea leaves.


Once Again, the Light is Green for Asian Greens!

There are many delightful varieties of Asian greens. Add them to your next meal, and your family will surely be excited at the prospect of trying something new. If you’ve got common restauraunt favorites, why not give them a shot at home?

Chinese Broccoli:

Latin Name: Brassica oleracaea, Alboglabra Group

AKA: Chinese broccoli is also called gai lan, kai lan, and Chinese kale.

Flavor: Although its flavor is greatly similar to broccoli, the flavor of Chinese broccoli stands out more. It tends to be stronger and more bitter than its Western cousin.

Texture: Its wide, flat leaves resemble collards. It also features stalks that are thick and yet crisp and tender.

How is It Best Cooked? When you cook Chinese broccoli, two methods are favored above all others. Try blanching or steaming it, and serve with a tasty oyster sauce. You could also try it blanched and stir-fried.

Availability: Luckily, it is available all year-round.

Where Can You Find It? As the name implies, Chinese broccoli is found most readily at Chinese grocery stores.


Snow Pea Leaves:

Latin Name: Pisum sativum var. Saccharatum

AKA: Snow pea leaves are also known as snow pea tips or snow pea shoots. You might find them under these names at certain restaurants.

Flavor: They are quite refreshing, much like snow pea pods. At the same time, however, they also tend to be grassier, fresher, and hold enough flavor that you won’t need to add aromatics when cooking them.

Texture: Much like other greens, the stalks are crisp, but hollow. Also, the leaves are very tender.

How is It Best Cooked? You can stir-fry snow pea leaves, or sample them steamed. Consider adding them to soups for an interesting touch!

Availability: Although snow pea leaves are available year round, the best crop can typically be found from early spring to early summer.

Where Can You Find It? Chinese grocery stores are another outlet to find these.


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