The ABCs of Vietnamese Cuisine

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With numerous influences from many countries, but providing a flavor all its own, Vietnamese cuisine has something to satisfy virtually every palette. The Vietnamese use approximately 70 varieties of herbs and spices in their meals, making each one unique and memorable in its own way. There are many regional variations in the combination of spices, or lack thereof. No matter how elaborate, simply prepared, or daring, the cookery brings vibrantly fresh dishes to the table – or food stand – every time. While the following list is far from comprehensive, these foods are considered Vietnamese staples.


Pho has become an international sensation over the years and is very accessible to people living in multicultural cities all over the world. Although easily obtainable anywhere, there’s nothing better than ordering it straight from the country of origin. Pho is a Vietnamese cuisine staple comprised of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and your choice of meat that is usually eaten in the mornings and evenings. Different pho include pho tai (sliced steak), pho bo vien(beef meatballs), pho ga (chicken) or pho tom (prawns). It’s definitely a dish to try and it’s cheap. It can easily be found on the street or in fine dining.

Bánh mì

The occupation of the French in the 1950s produced a relatively new concoction of French cuisine. The baguette fully integrated into Vietnamese culture, so much now it’s hard to think of essential dishes without including bánh mì. It is a sandwich that takes many forms from a simple combination of bread, margarine and pâté to a vast assortment of cheeses, pickled vegetables, chilli sauce, cold cuts, or sausages. The possibilities are endless!

Hot vit lon

Like boiled eggs? This takes the simple food to a whole other level, and it certainly is not for the faint or squeamish of heart! Hot vit lon is a fetal duck egg that is boiled once the fetus has been inside the egg for 15 to 17 days, the embryo developing well past the yolk stage. How to eat this delicacy depends on where it was ordered. Some crack the egg for you and drop the contents into a dish, or some let you have the experience of cracking it open. The dish also comes with spices and herbs for taste.

Nuoc cham

With the help of the sea, the Vietnamese diet acquires sodium through its consumption of many fish dishes and sauces. Nuoc cham is a dipping sauce that accompanies almost every meal, eaten as frequently as ketchup and other condiments. It’s made with fish sauce, sugar, garlic, red peppers, lime juice, and vinegar.

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