5 Interesting Facts About Chinese Tea


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Drink in These Facts About Chinese Tea!

Tea is one of the most popular drinks around the world, and Chinese tea in particularly is influential, popular, and best of all, delicious. In this blog we’ll look at five interesting facts about Chinese tea. Buff up some of your trivia knowledge, or impress friends at your next dinner party. Keep reading to learn about the endlessly fascinating tea of China.

Drink in These Facts About Chinese Tea!

  1. Tea has 3,000 years of history in China: Tea’s home is China. There are 3,000 year old wild tea trees that can be found in the countryside. Early tea-processing first appeared between 221 BCE and 8 CE.
  2. It is the second-most consumed drink in China: If if weren’t for water, tea would be the single most consumed drink in China. Teahouses are everywhere in China, and extremely easy to find – much like a coffee shop in the United States.
  3. Different areas yield different flavored teas: Did you know that tea from different regions have distinct flavors? While it may be the country’s national drink, how it is made and how it is consumed differs around the nation. Different types are grown, for instance, in Hangzhou is famed for its variety of green tea, known as West Lake Dragon Well tea. People living in different regions also have different tastes in their teas. The citizens of Beijing favor floral or flower-scented tea such, as jasmine, while in Shanghai and its surrounding environs the people love green tea.
  4. To serve tea to guests or elders is to show respect: Traditionally, it is a hallmark of Chinese culture that to serve guests some tea shows respect. Someone younger can offer their respect and gratitude to an elder by serving them some tea as well. Significant tea ceremonies are also common during large celebrations, such as for a birthday or the Spring Festival. Tea is also a vital element of traditional marriage ceremonies in China. During these ceremonies, both the bride and groom serve their parents tea, kneeling before them as they do. This act symbolizes an expression of thanks for raising them.
  5. It’s great for weight loss: Losing weight is a tremendous way to help get in shape and feel healthier. The Chinese people believe tea is great for weight loss. But even though tea is believed to help you slim down, you should not rely on tea alone, as there is no definitive evidence that it can help you lose weight.

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