Welcome to Nepal: Some of the Most Tempting Nepalese Dishes

Welcome to Nepal: Some of the Most Tempting Nepalese Dishes

Nepal is an incredible country.

Nepal is an incredible country. It’s also well-known for its mountainous terrain and the popularity of its trekking adventures. Nepali food is very popular and even if it isn’t as visible here in North America, that doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked – it’s a hidden gem

1: Dal Bhat

First of all, let’s talk about dal bhat. It is quite possibly the single-heaviest dish you will encounter in its homeland. Despite that reputation, it can be considered the national dish as it is prepared in kitchens all across the country. Rice, lentils, meat, vegetables, curd, and pickles come together to create a divine stew. 

2: Newari Khaja

The khaja comes to us from the Newari people. Originally, it was a traditional dish belonging to this ethnic group, but over time, but its profile has been rising all around Nepal. Beaten rice, achar, chhoyela, egg, soybeans, bara, Aalu Tama, and chhyang (rice beer) are all vital ingredients in this dish.

3: Yomari 

Yomari is another offering from the Newari people; in this case, it is made of rice flour and chaaku. The dough is made with rice flour first before the filling is prepared. Chaaku paste goes inside, but it must be thick. Then the whole concoction is steamed before being served – khuwa and meat are popular fillings as well.  

4: Chatamari 

Have you been craving pizza lately? Then this unique offering will amaze you. Chatamari looks like pizza, but does not taste like it – it’s unique to its motherland. Rice flour, rice flour batter, veggies, and meat are all united on a platter of chatamari. 

5: Momo  

You can’t be in Nepal and not treat yourself to some momo! If you are curious about them, well then just know that they are delectable Nepalese dumplings. Once you reach Kathmandu, make this your first stop – plus, with momo hubs virtually everywhere, you can have the pick of the litter! You’ll see different flavors, sizes, and colors. Plus, the sauce is a can’t-miss treat, especially for first-timers. The spicy sauce, known as momo achaar, is what sets these dumplings apart from their Asian-continental counterparts. While you’re here, indulge your taste buds in the complex flavors and mouth-feels given by minced buff (water buffalo meat), chicken, paneer, khuwa, and more!

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