The Curious Case of Curry

The Curious Case of Curry

Do you have an adventurous palate? If you do, then you probably love the smell and taste of curry.

Do you have an adventurous palate? If you do, then you probably love the smell and taste of curry. When you hear the word curry, your mind probably automatically goes to Indian or Thai cuisine. Did you know that there are many types of curry around the world, even outside of Asia? It’s true! Join us as we unravel and solve the curious case of curry! 


Let’s start where curry was born. Every curry in the world comes from this original curry, no matter how far away from the subcontinent they are. Three types of Indian curries are korma, biryani, and paneer


Now, let’s travel to Malaysia. Malaysia was one of the first countries besides India to bring curries into its gastronomical fold. Here, you can find curry laksa (also known as curry mee) and nasi lemak, the most popular type of curry to be found here. 


From Malaysia, we go to Thailand. You might be familiar with yellow, green, and red curry. There’s also massaman and that’s filled with potatoes and peanuts and kaeng som, which is remarkably sour. Prepare yourself for a heaping helping of coconut milk and kaffir leaves.  


After Thailand, our next destination is Indonesia. Here, it is called gulai. Look out for collard greens, bison meat, and fiddleheads as the most popular ingredients. 


From Indonesia, we go to Cambodia. Cambodian curry is also very popular in its country of origin. In fact, amok was named the national dish – and its fish cooked in banana leaves. Another variety is called num banh chok – fish soup with rice noodles that’s a common breakfast dish. Oh, and the curries come with baguettes, an influence from French cuisine. 


The next stop on our pan-Asian tour of curries is in Vietnam. Here, the curry also comes with a baguette. You’ll find cari ga, or chicken curry. This curry incorporates sweet potatoes into the mix. 


Finally, we arrive in Japan for the last stop on our tour. For a long time, nothing besides traditional Japanese cuisine was known in the archipelago, but now karee raisu (a term that Koreans also use for curry rice), karee udon (curried wheat noodles), and karee pan (curry inside a roll) are super popular. 

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