5 Delicious Dishes to Try While You’re in Malaysia

5 Delicious Dishes to Try While You’re in Malaysia

Even though rendang is classified as a type of curry, it actually isn’t. Although it comes from Indonesia, it’s just as popular in Malaysia.

You may find that due to its proximity to Singapore, there is plenty of crossover between the two countries in terms of cuisine, such as nasi lemak. If you are planning a trip to that part of the world, then you’re probably salivating over all of the delicious dishes you can try while on vacation. Even if you aren’t able to go until next year, here are some excellent dishes to keep in mind and make your food blog a little more unique! 

Roti Canai 

First off, when you go to order this dish, you should know in advance how it is pronounced. You’re supposed to say “roti Chanaai.” It came to Malaysia by way of the Mamaks. This is a flaky flatbread that probably resembles something we’ve discussed before – either in Singapore or India! Lentil curry, chicken curry, and mutton curry are all common accompaniments, but other fillings and toppings have become incredibly popular as well. Some examples include eggs, condensed milk, peanut butter, and banana. One of the best ways to get your hands on some authentic roti canai is to find a Mamak shop!  


You might recognize cendol spelled as chendol. Did you know that each region of Malaysia has its own spin on this dessert? It’s true! It’s popular all over southeast Asia for a reason! The three core ingredients are rice flour, coconut milk, and palm sugar. The name comes from the Indonesian word for the same dish, “jendol.” You can find them both in roadside carts and in high-end restaurants! 

Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak laksa is especially beloved in its home state – Sarawak. This soup comes together through a magical blend of numerous common ingredients found all over Malaysia. These ingredients are galangal, shallots, dried chilies, lemongrass, herbs and spices, chicken stock, and coconut milk.  


Rendang is usually associated with beef, but that isn’t its only variant. It can include any type of spicy meat. It is seen most often during Ramadan feasts. Even though it is classified as a type of curry, it actually isn’t. Although it comes from Indonesia, it’s just as popular in Malaysia. Three common types of meat used are chicken, beef liver, and duck. 

Banana Leaf Rice 

Banana leaves are a common component of many Malaysian dishes – just look at how nasi lemak can be wrapped up in it. White or parboiled rice comes with sambar curry with veggies, pickles, and papadom – a type of crispy flatbread. Although the banana leaf serves as a plate, you’re not supposed to eat it. You eat them with your hands, and it’s typically only offered at lunchtime. 

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